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The Healthcare MSO Conference 2021
Craig Evans

Craig Evans
Healthcare Banker

Citi Commercial Bank

Bank Debt & Private Equity Funding: Options to Achieve Growth and Scalability for MSOs

Thursday, September 30 | 11:00 AM EDT

As consolidation in the healthcare industry continues to increase, being able to grow and scale efficiently will become more important to stay competitive. Access to capital will play a bigger role in strategic initiatives. In order to secure larger amounts of capital, MSOs will typically finance themselves with either debt (generally from a commercial bank) or equity (from a private equity fund).

In this interactive presentation, healthcare banker Craig Evans will provide insight into debt and equity financing, the various structures employed by each and considerations for MSOs when evaluating these opportunities.

  • The evolving environment for healthcare consolidation
  • Comparison of debt and equity financing
  • Opportunities to utilize capital from both debt and equity providers

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Michael Elliott

Michael Elliott
Co-Founder & Partner

Mindy Sauter

Mindy Sauter
Co-Founder & Partner

Chris Quinlan

Chris Quinlan

Elliott Sauter PLLC

Assessing Regulatory Risk When Making Healthcare Acquisitions

Federal enforcement action is one of the fastest ways that an otherwise profitable investment can go sour. A critical component of any healthcare acquisition is an assessment of the risk of adverse government action. Even small errors in that assessment can radically change the viability of a proposed deal.

In this interactive presentation, attorneys from Elliott Sauter will provide insight into some of the components of regulatory risk assessment: Structural analysis, evaluation of physician compensation, and the importance (and pitfalls) of fair market value analysis.

In addition to discussing these general principles, this expert panel will address several breaking trends in federal enforcement including the following:

  • The government’s increasing interest in the internal operations of private equity funds
  • Identifying the fine line between legitimate and criminal telemedicine arrangements in a post-Covid world
  • Understanding the rise (and potential fall) of healthcare “tech” companies

Steve Cagle
Chief Executive Officer

Jon Moore

Jon Moore
Senior Vice President
& Chief Risk Officer


Under Attack: Cybersecurity and HIPAA Compliance Challenges Facing MSOs

As physician practices grow in size and complexity under management services organization (MSO) structures, their threat surfaces grow, and their vulnerabilities increase. As such, the likelihood and the harm of a cyberattack increase. A ransomware attack or breach not only impacts patient care but can also devastate the organization’s reputation and destroy long-term shareholder equity value.

With cyberattacks expected to triple in 2021, physician practice management groups (PPMGs) face an enormous business risk this year. Making the right investments in IT security could prove crucial to your ability to attract and retain patients and achieve your growth targets.

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