Timely Topics and Innovative Programming

Great events begin with timely programming and exceptional speakers. That’s why we like to say, “The program always comes first.”

Here are just a few of the unique presentations and panel discussions we’re developing for The Healthcare MSO Conference 2020:

  • Understanding different MSO structures

  • Financial management of an MSO

  • Structuring private equity investments

  • Dealing with issues related to non-physician ownership

  • Joining an MSO vs. starting your own MSO

  • Regulatory compliance issues

  • The impact of healthcare reform legislation

  • How to structure a medical services business to make it ready for a sale

  • Governance and corporate control issues

  • How MSOs are lowering practice costs and improving reimbursement rates

  • How physicians can create their own MSO to leverage tax benefits

  • Understanding administrative services agreements, customary provisions and fees

  • How MSOs are benefiting hospitals

  • Understanding corporate practice of medicine, fee-splitting, Stark Law, and anti-kickback statutes

  • Best practices for accounting and audits

  • How MSO structures differ across various areas of medical services

  • Novel approaches using equity in both the medical company and management company to compensate physicians

  • How to create a corporate foundation that aligns the interests of physicians and other stakeholders

  • Valuation challenges in multi-site medical practices and what to expect at the time of sale

  • Comparison of medical MSOs and dental DSOs

  • Partial liquidity structures through a secondary sale of interests as opposed to an outright sale of the business

  • Why the “sub MSO structure” based on individual locations is growing in popularity

  • Overcoming bookkeeping challenges associated with running both cash and accrual-based accounting

  • What you should know about the capital-raising process before you take your deal to market

  • Preparing a pitch deck and financial statements at various stages of your deal

  • Understanding the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter at both the medical company and management company

  • How the “consumerization of healthcare” is changing MSO strategy

  • Alternative structures using a “tech company” approach, especially for the tele-medicine business

The Healthcare MSO Conference 2020 program is currently in development. Please complete this form and you will be contacted once the agenda is posted.

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